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What is the Treetop Adventure in 1 Utama Shopping Centre?
What are the Attractions and Activities in the Treetop Adventure?
What are the Operating Hours?
How Do I Purchase Tickets?
Can I Make Reservations in Advance?
Is the Treetop Adventure Suitable for All Ages?
Can I Host Events or Birthday Parties at the Treetop Adventure?
Is Photography Allowed?
Are Pets Allowed?
How Can I Contact Customer Support?
Do parents or friends require to purchase a ticket if they want to accompany only?
Can I modify my details after I have book my slot via the booking website?
Can I book or purchase the ticket on other website?
What are the height and weight requirements for the rope courses?
Can I re-enter the rope course if I decide to leave during the middle of the rope courses?
What are the challenges covered in the admission?
How long will the rope course lasted?
Can I bring my phone with me on the ropes course?
Can I go on the rope course on a rainy day?
Can I cancel my play and get a refund?